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Hi, my name is Vera, I have recently moved to Zurich and therefore am currently looking for more Babysitting work. I am Portuguese and although I grew up in South Africa, I hold a Portuguese passport. I grew up with old fashioned values where children and family are very important. I really enjoyed playing with my niece and nephew while they were growing up and babysat them often. I am fluent..

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  • High School Diploma

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  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Afrikaans


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  • Avril 2019 Paula & Don est un Ami

    May 2018
    To Whom It May Concern:
    It is with great pleasure that I recommend Vera Da Cruz as a babysitter.
    She has watched my two children (ages, 11 and 15) on numerous occasions ever since they were born and it was a joy to have her. Vera has always been tremendously responsible, and our children have always enjoyed the time spent with her. She does not simply sit and watch television, ignoring our children, but always interacts and spends time with them.
    Vera always came to our home on time, cheerful and ready to engage the children with arts and crafts, educational play and other enriching activities. She is intelligent, kind and a great listener. My kids love Vera and look forward to spending time with her. That said, she always followed our directions in-regards-to the children (bedtimes, food etc.) and they respect her as an authority figure.
    Vera is a fun, loving, kind and trustworthy person and any family that hires her has very fortunate children indeed. In this day and age, it is very hard to find a dependable and honest sitter, so we very highly recommend Vera Da Cruz to you.
    Paula & Don


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Baby-sitter Zurich, District de Zurich, Canton de Zurich

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